Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

DentalRCM INC acknowledges privacy concerns of every user, visitor, or whoever accesses the site http://localhost/dentalrcm/. DentalRCM demonstrates its complete devotion to protecting the privacy of your data that is collected online during your access to our site.

Where the terms ‘WE’, ‘US’, and ‘OUR’ used on the website shall stand for DentalRCM, its associates, affiliates, allies, staff and executives; and, ‘YOU’ and ‘YOUR’, in the same context, shall refer to users who visit the site http://localhost/dentalrcm/. The following pages set out the privacy policy norms, i.e., how we access, collect, and use users’ personal data.

DentalRCM shall, in no case, sell or rent personally identifiable information of its clients/customers/members/ subscribers. We also commit to not intentionally share users’ information without their prior consent except for legal compulsion.

Information We Collect

We may log users’ standard technical information on our website.


We do not access users’ technical information which is comprised of the browser software being used by users, numerical Internet protocol (IP) of their computer/device their use to access our site, and the Internet address of the website.

We may also collect users’ data while diagnosing technical problems and conducting website testing on our site or finding ways to make the site secure against attacks.

We, on an anonymous basis, may also log the users’ date and time for the general record purpose.

We may also collect users’ information users when they create an account on our site.

Information Collected Through Cookies

We, at DentalRCM, may also use website cookies to collect users’ information. Visitors accessing our site are free to allow or disallow us whether to collect or not their data through cookies – they can change the browser cookies setting for the same.

The information collected through cookies helps DentalRCM understand your behavior on our site providing insight into your preferences about our dental billing services. The information collected through cookies helps us serve our clients better.

Users’ Personal Identifiable Information

DentalRCM may ask prospects for their name, address, email, phone number, state/province, and zip code on our site.

We may also ask members for their banking information, i.e., credit card number or PayPal login details for processing dental claims billing.

We may also ask for users’ personal information on our website to process their registration for contests or surveys being conducted on our website from time to time.

How We Use Users’ Data

DentalRCM has your acknowledgment to collect your information/data during your access to the site and use it in whatsoever way it wants within the privacy limits as set out by the law. We hold the right to make use of your data for the purposes as stated herein.

We may use your data to:

  • ensure timely procurement of our dental billing services;
  • provide clients/members with newsletters comprised of relevant information and offers about our dental billing services;
  • provide prospects and members personalized experience on our site;
  • take a review of users’ technical information shared with us;
  • promote our services among our prospects
  • diagnose problems with our website server
  • administer the DentalRCM website and the content published herein;

We at DentalRCM promise to be honest and integral with our data collection and data usage practices and ensure that users’ information collected through our website is not used or utilized for any purpose that is unethical and unlawful.

Disclosure Norms

DentalRCM promises users/website visitors protection of the data which, in any form, is accessed, collected, or used by us on the site. However, you – the site users/visitors acknowledge DentalRCM to disclose your data with our associates, affiliates, allies, partners, staff, executives, or/and to anyone who assists in our service procurement. We, in certain cases, shall be under legal limitations to disclose your data to law enforcement agencies as and when required.

Changes To Our Policies

DentalRCM shall periodically review the Privacy Policy norms for errors, omissions and their validity may change it at its sole discretion. Site users are recommended to give our Privacy Policy once-over before accessing the site and make an informed decision about their access to our site and services.

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