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Dental Billing & Patient Statement

How a dental office tacks its tasks together for streamlining the billing and patient statement process determines how well it goes with the revenue flow. If you are a dental practitioner aiming for maximizing the revenue flow, consider setting up your billing desk in order to process patients’ bills and statements in an ordinate manner. 

However, laying hold of billing and patient care hand-in-hand may sap the strength of your dental care staff leaving processes and practice productivity undermined. Given due consideration to the patient billing and statement process, the sensible approach, as industry experts recommend, is to outsource the billing part to dental billing specialists like us – the DentalRCM.  

Benefits Of Outsourcing Dental Billing

Patients frequently have payment issues when they are not able to comprehend their billing statements. It is sometimes difficult for your office’s dental care team to explain to patients the complex-to-comprehend terminologies used in billing which may result in payment delays and denials. 

With Outsourced dental billing services, you get:

Experts can generate patient-friendly statements that are easy to understand for patients. Outsourcing the billing & patient statement part to an expert billing company can get the course easy and sorted through research-driven patient statements.        

How DentalRCM Helps Dental Offices Accelerate Payment Collections

DentalRCM keeps the billing and statement generation process under guard to drive more and more payments from patients through patient-friendly statements. We boast a dedicated team of billing experts who leverage their hands-on experience and expertise to provide dental offices with accurate, error-free, and easy-to-comprehend patient statements to speed up collection recovery. 

Assured Accelerated Payment Collections & Revenue Flow Through: 

On a 30-day cycle, we provide patients with easy-to-understand statements. Revenue flow at your dental office is consistent as a result. You receive payments directly from patients without having our intervention in the process. 

Our Dental Billing & Patient Statement Approach

We use the latest technology in our billing & statement mailing processes to help eliminate patient billing hurdles just to ensure that you have more time to focus on your patients’ care. All patient billing communications are designed, printed, and mailed by us on behalf of your dental office after extracting the electronic billing data from your computer system.  

Our dental billing & patient statement process encompasses 

We offer a platform that is compatible with virtually all medical practice management systems, hospital information systems, accounting systems, and payment collection systems. Validation of recipient addresses is carried out through the National Change of Address (NCOA) database. We update all patient addresses before sending invoices, making adjustments based on your personalized payment processing standards. 

Why Outsource Your Billing & Patient Statement services To DentalRCM

Outsourced billing and patient statement services not only boost the revenue flow and practice productivity but also get assistance for maintaining a healthy patient base and growing a successful practice. As a result, you at your dental office can fully focus on what’s more significant, i.e. practicing medicine and treating patients, without having to worry about navigating between insurance companies and regulatory requirements.

Outsourcing Billing & Patient Statement Service can Bring You a bouquet of benefits as: 

Outsourcing billing and statement processes to DentalRCM allows clients to maintain a consistent cash flow and accelerate the collection process. Billing experts at DentalRCM possess comprehensive knowledge of complex billing and statement submission processes. By allowing a specialized firm like us to handle the billing part of your dental office, you can achieve greater economies of scale. 

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Get in touch with a DentalRCM coordinator to receive a free consultation and quote for the outsourced dental billing & patient statement service. You have our assurance to have access to the best pool of billing specialists, resources, and other support available around to successfully carry through the dental billing process. We, by all means, will aim to get the process right ensuring minimum claims denial and maximum revenue possible.   

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