A Comprehensive Suite of Dental Billing Services

Rendering Practice-Personalized Patronage to Dental Offices for
Streamlined Revenue Cycle & Low In-House Hustle

Services — Above & Beyond the Competition

Depending on your clinic’s process, you may need a specialized set of services that goes above and beyond the purpose. DentalRCM is committed to providing a personalized suite of clinic & client-specific services that integrate seamlessly with your existing billing operations.

DentalRCM’s Dental Billing Services:

Dental Insurance Verification Service

Our insurance verification is based on the shared IV form provided by the Dental Office. Billing software and fee schedules are updated so that you receive 100% collections based on patient and insurance portions. 

Benefits of choosing DentalRCM for carrying out your Insurance Verification process: 

01. IV delivery 24 hours prior to treatment

02. Special Arrangement for RUSH IV

03. Weekly & Monthly IV Report

04. 100% accuracy & refund (in case of any lapse)

05. Live IV Dashboard with real-time appointment status

06. Patient’s correct remaining maximums and deductibles

Claims Collection & A/R Calling

Clean claim billing is not as easy as claims billing. As part of our claim tracking tools, we have developed a clean billing and A/R management technique to ensure providers receive a payment within 7-14 days of billing. 

We’ve developed an error-free billing process with the following advantages:

01. Billing within 24 hours

02. Claim confirmation within 48 hours

03. AR Follow-up within 15 days of billing

04. Appeal Management

05. Adjustment Recovery and reports

06. Past A/R Clean-up of unresolved claims

Dental Insurance Credentialing Services

Credentialing services are the backbone of healthy collections. Our dental credentialing process is thorough, accurate, and focuses on your peace of mind. Doing it right the first time is the key to doing it right consistently.

Take leverage of our cost-effective Credentialing services and avail: 

01. All state Medicaid credentialing

02. All state Medicare credentialing

03. PPO Credentialing

04. HMO and Federal Plan Credentialing

05. Fee Schedule Negotiation

06. Follow up on the status of every outstanding credentialing contract

Billing & Patient Statement Service

In most cases, dental offices fail to appeal on time, resulting in incorrect patient statements being sent. We at DentalRCM manage the A/R of all your patients systematically in an accurate and timely manner. 

Besides improving your practice performance, our patient statement service boasts: 

01. Affordable service for every single provider

02. Patients’ accounts analysis before sending statements

03. On-call statements explanation to patients

04. Patient statements & collection reports

05. Patient collection services for bad debt

06. We appeal before sending statements if due or denied by the insurer

Get Us On Board for Practice-personalized Billing

Let our Services & Service Specialists be by your side to help your dental office revel in enhanced Productivity, Profit, Prominence, and Patient Satisfaction through a comprehensive suite of Practice-Personalized Dental Billing Services.

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