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Don’t let your blended billing and dental care regime buckle your dental practice under the strain of a strenuous billing process. Act in concert with DentalRCM — an industry leader in outsourced billing, and reap the rewards of faster payoff, clean claims submission, error-free payment posting, and timely A/R follow-ups.

Why Dental Offices Prefer DentalRCM:
  • Dedicated Billing Manager
  • Certified Billers & Coders
  • Aggressive A/R Management
  • Weekly, Monthly, and On-demand Reporting
  • No Long-Term Contracts

Aim for maximum reimbursements and consistent revenue flow with our competitively-priced billing & collection, credentialing, and verification services. Services that pair up with an active error protection plan and reasonable fee adjustment bring forth a financially safe and digitally secure business transaction to your cart.  

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Beyond & Apart From The Rest

DentalRCM boasts a bouquet of services that are beyond and apart from the rest in the competition. The comprehensive cluster of our services is wide and vivid enough to effectively manage the whole hog of your revenue cycle irrespective of the size of your dental office. Dental billing & collection, insurance verification, credentialing, A/R calling, and to name a few more, all subsume into the suite of our services. 

1. Insurance Verification

Keep your patients’ insurance plans & coverage under surveillance and scale down the cases of claims denial with Insurance Verification support from DentalRCM’s experienced IV specialists

2. Claims Collection & A/R Calling

Have assurance from DentalRCM to own what payers owe to you with our quick & clean claims submission and timely follow-ups processed through our Claims Collection & A/R Calling Service 

3. Credentialing Services

Push the envelope of your practice value and revenue with an expanded payers’ network and increase patients’ footfall at your dental office through our Credible Credentialing Service  

4. Patient Statement Services

Cut down on cost & time while enabling easy & efficient billing at your dental office through our whole stack of fairly-priced & time-bound Patient Statement Services  

Dental Insurance Verification Service

Keep your patients’ insurance plans & coverage under strict supervision and scale down the cases of claims denial with our Insurance Verification service and support from DentalRCM’s experienced IV specialists. 

Claims Collection & A/R Calling

Have assurance from DentalRCM to own what payers owe to you with our quick & clean claims submission and timely follow-ups processed through our Claims Collection & A/R Calling Service.

Dental Insurance Credentialing Services

Push the envelope of your practice performance & value alongside revenue with an expanded payers’ network and, increase patients’ footfall at your dental office through our Credible Credentialing Service.  

Billing & Patient Statement Service

Cut down on cost & time while enabling easy & efficient billing at your dental office through our whole stack of fine-tuned, fairly-priced, and timely-served Dental Insurance Billing & Patient Statement Services.  

Happy Clients, Happy Us

DentalRCM has had clients’ contentment in contemplation since its establishment as a dental billing company. We ensure gain and growth for dental offices on the back of our REASONABLY PRICED & RIGHTLY PERSONALIZED billing and the bundle of other insurance-inclined services.  

DentalRCM tends to lean towards clients’ (Dental offices’) satisfaction by:

  • Acting as dental offices’ extended billing desk
  • Leveraging experience & expertise to streamline revenue cycle
  • Convincingly conducting billing and insurance-laid operations
  • Minimizing the front desk hustle for a focused dental practice
  • Enabling enhanced revenue flow and patient satisfaction
  • Achieving dental offices’ growth-oriented objectives surrounding insurance billing

Drawing upon a HAPPY-CLIENT-HAPPY-US relationship is always the intent we work with at DentalRCM. Many from the dental community are already in the happy league; be the next to get into the realm of that relationship — it will bring forth a gainful proposition for your dental practice. 

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Taking A Comprehensive Approach To Billing

With more than a decade of experience in the dental billing and insurance industry, we’ve worked with countless dental practitioners nationwide providing comprehensive dental billing solutions that improve patient satisfaction and increase profits. 

Software-Backed System

The billing we do for dental offices helps them gain more when we do it for them. Being a market leader, we focus on innovating industry-specific technology, billing software, and insurance-bound services to mitigate the emerging challenges surrounding dental billing practice. 

Practice-Oriented Process

As a result of us managing your dental billing, your practice management is simplified with daily claims submissions, fewer denied insurance claims, and quickly amended insurance appeals, allowing you to enhance revenue flow, patient experience, and peace of mind.

Code-Compliant Operations

HIPAA-compliant coding with no hard knock of long-term contracts. Through the years, we have learned to operate within the laws, rules, regulations, and policies established by ADA, federal and state governments, Medicare carriers, insurance programs, and fiscal intermediaries.   

Count On Us For Outsourcing Your Billing Operations

We continuously strive to be persistent, vivid, and resonant with the delivery of our services in line with the needs of our clients. Our goal is to maintain the virtue, worthiness, and faith our clients exhibit towards us and, this is why the droves of dental offices count on us for outsourcing their billing operations to DentalRCM. 

We are All-Inclusive & Adaptable

Our solutions are easily flexible and scalable to diverse practice demands – individual practitioners, small clinics, and large multi-specialty chains.

We can Manage Everything Remotely

We remotely submit clean claims, work aging, post payments, and adjustments, update patient ledgers, appeal denials, and more.

We Work with a Profit-Inclined Approach

We flock together new technologies and billing expertise in line with the flow of your dental practice to promote a profit-inclined billing approach.

We Deliver On-Time, Every Time

Daily claim submissions, fewer rejections, timely appeals, and a steady focus on your aging means you’ll make it on time, every time.

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Our Team

An endless pool of IT and healthcare billing experts bands together at DentalRCM to work as an extended billing desk for dental offices who exert the best of their expertise to promote your practice productivity and profit through outsourced billing services.

Margaret Anderson

Head of Laboratory Department

Mark Anthony

Senior Pathologist

Samantha Wood

Laboratory Technician

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